A glimpse of PatSight Symposium Mumbai – 2020

The 9th PatSight Symposium has been a grand success with one of the largest turnouts of IP research professionals from all over India. On behalf of the entire Gridlogics team, a big thank you to the 190+ attendees who participated in the event. We hope you found the sessions and panel discussions informative and valuable. We also hope you were able to meet and network with other members of the IP community. The feedback has been great and extremely encouraging!

Audience at PatSight Mumbai 2020

PatSight Mumbai 2020 surpassed our expectations in terms of the number of attendees, user interaction, insights taken from panel discussions and presence of national and international speakers.


Mr. Tony Trippe, Managing Director, Patinformatics, LLC was keynote speaker, his talk involved loads of information on importance of Patent analytics from R&D perspective, how corporate strategies are being influenced by IP information, example of patent visualization graphs and charts, how to do analysis using semantic and machine learning, what are Gold Standards and why do we need them.


Mr. Raj Hirawani, CSIR URDIP and respectable member of IP fraternity introduced Mr. Trippe to the audience.


Audience also saw a highly insightful and detailed session on Patent Search by Ms. Andrea Davis | Patent Research Expert, Bodkin IP, LLC. Andrea spoke on smart and efficient way of patent searching, various search approaches, ideal search strategy and factors involved, using semantic for search, search methodology, practical scenarios via examples and a case study.


Participants learned a lot and got a good sense of the latest developments in PatSeer products presented by Mr. Prashant Mehta, VP Technology, Gridlogics and Mr. Manish Sinha, CTO Gridlogics.


Launch for Bots4ip saw an amazing response from the audience for the unique product idea. The Bots 4 IP lifecycle aims to create AI-assisted bots to help perform medium and cognitive tasks and to fast track IP and Innovation processes.


Presentation on “The mystic art of Patent Circumvention” by Mr. Rohan Turior | Senior Manager – R&D, Fleetguard Filters, involved the audience in a thought-provoking discussion with a live case study.


An enlightening session on Turning Ideas into Inventions by Mr. Christian Bunke | Partner, Managing Director, Basck UK, involving insights from European Vs Indian Laws, sought the audience to gain deep knowledge and understanding on how to achieve the maximum from filings.


Panel discussion on “Collaborative IP: Need- Advantages- Issues” moderated by Mr. Prashant Patankar, IP Counsel BASF involving respectable members Mr. Madhav Kulkarni, Intellectual Capital Manager, Dow | Mr. Sagar S. Dhatrak, Assistant General Manager, Hero Moto Corp Ltd | Mr. Abhishek Choudhury, Director, Nano BIZ India, Co-Create Consulting Pvt. Ltd | Mr. Ashish Bodhankar, IP Strategist Leader, Dow Consumer Solution saw a flurry of Q&A from the audience on the problem of “patent thickets”, possible advantages and disadvantages of various approaches.


To Patent or Not to Patent? Proved to be an enlightening panel discussion, where panelists talked on the advancement of technology and tools to decide a strategy and achieve satisfactory ROI for obtaining and maintaining a patent.
Discussion was moderated by Mr. Raghavendra Bhat, IPR Head, MV KINI involving respectable members Mr. Garg Vyas, Manager Legal (Head IPR), Bajaj Electricals Ltd | Mr. Nilesh Pandit, Patent Attorney, Tata Consultancy Services | Mr. Ajendu Sohani, Head IP, Encube Ethicals | Chandan Bhar, Former Assistant Director, IP – Lupin Pharma.

Photos from PatSight Mumbai 2020

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