Leveraging IP-Driven business intelligence to steer your innovation performance: A Frost and Sullivan Whitepaper

Increased globalization and the transition towards the knowledge economy have driven organizations to be increasingly dependent on their intellectual property intangibles to generate, maintain, and extend their competitive advantage. Understanding the latest technological developments, adopting relevant emerging technologies using IP data, and leveraging innovation ecosystem partners can help companies shorten innovation lifecycles.

An effective intellectual property strategy is an integral component in the business models of successful technology companies and is often their key source of competitive advantage. IP intelligence platforms such as PatSeer 360° can provide strategic insights about the latest technology developments and help discover new partnerships/ M&A opportunities.

IP-Driven business intelligence

Key Takeaways:

  • Listings of the key business functions which require IP-driven strategic insights for decision making

  • Acquiring meaningful business-relevant insights needed for making strategic decisions

  • Identifying potential partnerships and M&A opportunities

  • Case study: Non-invasive glucose monitoring, Understanding the latest technological developments in this space

  • How does PatSeer 360 serve unmet market needs?

  • How PatSeer 360 helps in making more informed business decisions?

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