Webinar on Applications of AI in Patent Search and Analysis in association with Patent Olympiad

To watch this webinar register here – https://trainingcamp.patentolympiad.org/talks/applications-of-ai-in-patent-search-and-analysis/#

Applications of AI in Patent Search and Analysis

There has been an enormous change in IP search and analytics in last 10 years. Today one can leverage the power of AI and semantic search and predictive analytics that one can only dreamed of few years ago.

In this webinar you are going to learn about “How can Artificial Intelligence help patent searchers search more effectively and efficiently, especially when time is limited?

The 55 min webinar will cover the following areas:

– How AI can be a true partner to skilled intellectual property practitioners
– How AI-assisted search platforms can be more than just semantic search
– Approaches and best practices for using AI using PatSeer
– Live case study

Webinar Dates:

Webinar is open for viewing till end of November 2019