Technological Trajectories Studies of Sugarcane Ethanol Production Using Patent Citation

Author: Cecilia Hasner, Douglas Alves Santos and Araken Alves de Lima
Publishing Date: August 19
Language: English
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Patent Analysis on Sugarcane Ethanol Production


Our Partner from Espírito Santo, Brazil Prospective Inovação Tecnológica e Ambiental, come up with a research paper on “Technological Trajectories Studies of Sugarcane Ethanol Production Using Patent Citation” mentioned under an open access book Intellectual Property Rights .


The production of ethanol from sugarcane has migrated from the first to the second-generation thanks to the biotechnological advancement in the production process. From the survey of patent documents in the area, it is possible to highlight the most relevant patents according to the impact index, measured by the number of citations, and to evaluate the technological trajectories involved in the production of ethanol using a patent citation as a methodology. In addition, it is possible to identify the main actors involved in the technological field, as well as the network of international collaborators. In this context, the study of patent citations will help better understand the main technological advances and global geopolitics in an environment of globalization of technological innovations.

The patent search and analysis mentioned under this research paper is created using PatSeer.


The technology focus of the study is the production of ethanol from sugarcane in its various first-generation (ethanol) and second-generation (bioethanol) modalities. The search strategy used retrieved 223 patent documents in the 2000–2018 period according to the year of priority. Out of those 301 have more than five forward citations by patent family. An expressive range of data on first-generation (ethanol) and second-generation (bioethanol) production were observed positively that when stimulated and directed, there is a growing interest in the patent protection of the intellectual assets (in the form of patent depositories) coming from research and industrial developments (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Distribution over time of patent documents related to the production of sugarcane ethanol, highlighting 301 highly cited documents. Period: 2000–2018. N = 2023. Source: Compiled by the authors, PatSeer® database.

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