A Review and Analysis on Recent Advancements in Bubble Electrospinning Technology for Nanofiber Production.

Swayamprakash Patel, Gayatri Patel
Publishing Date: March-19
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Bubble Electrospinning Technology


This paper presents a Multiple applications of nanofiber in various segments of science and technology have sparked the interest of innovators to explore the innovative approaches for nanofiber production. Numerous patent applications have been filed with innovations and advancements in the field of bubble electrospinning technique are searched and analyzed using various paid and free patent databases. The patent search results are compiled, analyzed and individual innovations are studied in detail to b ring all the advancements hitherto in the bubble electrospinning technology under the purview of one review article.The results show the “bubble ws3 electrospin*” syntax in the structured search (TAC) facility of the patseer® has revealed most relevant patents on advancement in bubble electrospinning. After applying the family patent filter to the search result (33 patents), ten patents are selected for detailed study.