A method for the detection and characterization of technology fronts: Analysis of the dynamics of technological change in 3D printing technology

Gaizka Garechana, Rosa Rio-Belver, Inaki Bildosola, Emesto Cilleruelo-Carrasco
Publishing Date: January-19
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3d printing


This paper presents a method for the identification of the “technology fronts”—core technological solutions—underlying a certain broad technology, and the characterization of their change dynamics. We propose an approach based on the Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) model combined with patent data analysis and text mining techniques for the identification and dynamic characterization of the main fronts where actual technological solutions are put into practice. 3D printing technology has been selected to put our method into practice for its market emergence and multidisciplinarity. The results show two highly relevant and specialized fronts strongly related with mechanical design that evolve gradually, in our opinion acting as enabling technologies.