PatSeer Search Recall TM feature

PatSeer Search Recall™ – Don’t review the same record twice!

When searching for patents, there are always noise patents that show up in your search query. Even after multiple iterations of your keyword search, there will be a few records that are found to be irrelevant after reading through their text. The usual next step for you is to figure out a way to exclude such records by adding a “NOT” segment to your query. And when you run out of safe “text patterns” to NOT out from your search query, the only remaining option is to create a long list of such numbers that are NOT’ed from the original query. Even then there may be family equivalents that still show up!


So if you have a shorter turnaround time for your search project, then perhaps your time is better spent making sure you are not missing out a relevant record instead of focussing on the NOTs. Also if you go fast on your NOT strategy, you may get unknowingly exclude a critical relevant record from your results. Working closely with professional patent searchers, we realised that considerable time is wasted in figuring out how remove these irrelevant records from the results.

PatSeer Search Recall TM feature

PatSeer Search Recall™ addresses this challenge by giving you options to flag, rate, or comment on your search results and those actions show up alongside the record if it appears in future searches. So you can mark a record as relevant or irrelevant with a single-click and thereby not have to go through it again for the same search project.

PatSeer Search Recall™ allows you with easy access to past work and helps you reuse it for current tasks, thereby reducing duplication of time and effort.

Further, if you are working on different technology projects you may or may not want to see the annotations from one project in another. So Search Recall provides you recall (or memory) zones that capture and store your actions and you can turn off or switch between these zones as per need. Further, marking a whole patent family is also possible and you can opt for annotating the whole family (Simple or INPADOC families) instead of a single record.

Try PatSeer today to see how Search Recall™ helps avoid duplication of effort and brings greater efficiencies to your patent search workflow.