Technology Insight Report on Nano Fuel Additives

This report covers patent analysis on types and applications of nano fuel additives, its research momentum and key intellectual property indicators.

There is considerable difference between the Chinese and US share in application and patents. Chinese applicants accounted for the largest number of patents filed throughout the world. Only 5 (CN, US, JP, WO, EP) out of the total 17 patent offices have reported growth over the last decade. China has recorded double digit growth between 2011-2013.

Nano particles is an area where companies have a scope of carrying out research as most of the company’s focus on few of the total nano particles used as fuel additives. In spite of the fact that Chevron has smaller portfolio than the major companies; it can be seen that companies like Shell and UOP have cited its records indicating a likely overlap in their R&D focus.

The full report can be accessed below.