Search and Analyze patents on Voice Recognition in Mobile Devices by Patseer

Voice Recognition and voice based commands to mobile devices took the center stage with introduction of SIRI by Apple in iphone 4S in 2010. To the user, giving voice commands to mobile devices seemed to open up many possibilities in many applications. Innovation however, in the voice recognition space has been going on since many years and in this report we take a look at 20 year patenting activity on voice recognition and voice commands to mobile devices over US patent database.

Some of the insights we derived are:

  • The growth in new patent filings for voice commands increased considerably during 2001-2008.
  • Navigation, Hands-free and Pronunciation are some of the key patent focus areas among mobile players
  • Most of the research by US and non-US foreign mobile manufactures is being done in US only.
  • New companies with increasing patent portfolios in this space over the last 5 years include Voicebox Technologies Inc, Sensory Inc and Parus Holdings Inc.

Since the voice recognition space has seen many patent litigations being filed by both companies and NPEs, we have also summarized key patent litigations filed in US in the report.

The full Report can be accessed here:  Voice-Recognition-in-Mobile-Devices