Using PatSeer to Search for Innovation around NFC – Part 1

We recently came up with a patent analysis report on Near Field Communications (NFC) technology that is seeing rapid adoption among mobile vendors. (Except Apple perhaps)

Among different insights we gathered from analysis of the patents and applications filed on NFC, some of the notable ones are:

  • Research in Motion has aggressively built a large portfolio of patents and applications over NFC in the last 3 years
  • Apple hasn’t focused much on NFC and so its portfolio is ranked 13th in terms of number of unique families
  • While Electronics firms filed earlier, the last 5 years has seen most patents being filed by Mobile phone manufactures and innovations from companies such as Apple, Qualcomm, ZTE Corp and RIM have appeared only after 2007.
  • Firms focused more on Application using NFC as an enabling technology include First Data Corp, RIM, Apple, Korea Telecom, Microsoft and Nokia.

The Report can be accessed here: PatSeer_NFC_Patent_Analysis_Report_1.

In the second part of the report we categorize the NFC patent set and will look at further analysis of the Patents around those categories.