19 April 2024
Single Sign On and additional ways to login

The Login Management interface now supports multiple identify verification systems. A new Single Sign-On (SSO) option helps you directly login with your organizational id. Additional ways include logging in using your Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 ids.  

With this new integration, users can save time by avoiding the need to create and remember additional login details or forgetting their passwords thereby streamlining the login process and enhancing user experience.


2 Factor Authentication for more secure login 

Users with Manager privileges can enable 2 Factor authentication across all the user-ids in their company for enhanced security of their logins.  

17 April 2024
Team Management made easier

Users with Manager privileges will now be able to easily manage changes to their team and view the usage across their team. The new Team management interface makes it easy to add new subaccounts, reset password, delete, check usage, and download the details for existing users.

15 April 2024
Deduplicate your number search to families using the Number Search Form

Based on customer feedback, the deduplicate option has been added to the Number search form to help you reduce large number lists to one member per family in the results.

Export option in Full Text Tab  

The export functionality within the Full Text Tab (within both split view and detailed view), now offers users the option to download the full text as a PDF without any accompanying highlights. This feature proves particularly beneficial for those instances where users prefer a clean, unmarked PDF document.

17 January 2024
AI Search Enhancements

Claims Summarizer

Users with AI module can save time in Claims review with a Claims summarizer that provides a concise and easily comprehensible overview of the claims.

Patent Similarity Search 

  • When searching by patent, you can now refine your AI search to specifically focus on claims related to the given number when generating similarity, invalidity, and infringement searches. 
  • The infringement and invalidity search modules allow you to set your own custom priority or application cutoff dates.
  • Our search relevance has also improved by 10-15% based on optimization done to the internal AI engine.

AI Classifier Enhancements

A completely new interface for filtering and analysis of predicted categories makes working with the Classifier’s predictions much easier for users. Users can filter by predicted categories or their scores to view corresponding records. In moderation mode, categorizations can be reviewed and accepted on the results page.

17 January 2024
Multi-user Flag and Rating in Projects/Subprojects

Multiple team members can now save their own ratings or flags in the same project. This helps you design new collaboration workflows over your PatSeer Projects. For ratings, you can also see the average rating based on all the ratings given by different users and for Flags you will be able to see the highest (most critical) flag assigned to the record (The colour order is RGB with Red as most critical and Blue as least.

17 January 2024
Litigation Analytics in Company Dashboard

Company dashboards now add a series of charts that cover the litigation trends, their geographic distribution and the plaintiffs, defendants and asserted patents over the past cases in which the company or its subsidiary was involved.

17 January 2024
Smart Drawings Coverage expansion

You will now be able to see mouse over legends over drawings from CN, JP, KR, DE, and FR authorities too in addition to the existing US, EP and WO coverage

8 November 2023
Smart Drawings now enabled across all views and pages

When you click on the drawings on the results page, it will open in a full screen mode, and you will also be able to view smart drawing tooltips and the accompanying drawings legend. This is now possible from all the various drawing views.

You can use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate across all the drawings: 

To Open an image in full screen: press ‘i’ Key. Once you are in the full screen mode: 

  • Next Image:  Next Arrow Key 
  • Previous Image: Previous Arrow Key 
  • Zoom In: Up arrow Key 
  • Zoom Out: Down arrow Key 
  • Rotate Image:  Press ‘r’ Key 
  • Reset image: Press ‘s’ Key 
  • Exit: Escape Key (Esc) 
7 November 2023
Limiting your AI search by the AI Relevance Score:

When using the AI search form, you have the option to limit results of your search based on the AI score. So, you can select a specific AI score threshold, and the system will only show records above that score.

7 November 2023
Export translated patent full-text PDF (with highlights) in a single click

Within both Split View and Detailed view, the Full Text View Tab now allows you to instantly export a patent document’s full text to a PDF file. The good news is that highlighted text or underlined semantic snippets are also exported into the PDF document for easy review. 


11 October 2023
AI Generated Patent Summaries

Users with the AI package can now quickly grasp the key aspects of the invention in less than 30 seconds with AI generated summaries!

The summaries cover the WHAT, HOW and WHY of the invention covered in a patent and they can potentially help you cut down time needed in deeper review of search results by more than 90%.


11 October 2023
AI Search – View Predicted Classes, Companies, and Inventors

Easily view the predicted classifications against your invention description from the AI search page itself. The View Predictions option appears next to the search form once you enter your paragraph. Simply select the field to view the top predictions against it. You can also copy/export the predictions from the table with a single click.


7 September 2023
AI Search Enhancements
  • AI Recommender – Top up your Boolean searches!

Get AI to show you records that may be missed by your Boolean search! The recommender will suggest you contextually similar records that did not match your Boolean query but are relevant to current search query.

The AI recommender helps you ensure you haven’t missed anything out and also give you further inputs to refine your query!

  • Easily jump to the paragraphs that contributed to the semantic score

We have replaced the older KWIC view to directly show the relevant paragraphs in full-text. You can click on the AI score itself to view the paragraphs one by one or use the KWIC option. The matched paragraphs are underlined with shades of green based on their relevance to your input.

  • Support for higher number of results

The AI search now supports showing a higher number of records (200, 300, 500) on the results page. Within AI search settings you will see an option to increase the results count.

9 August 2023
Result Page Usability enhancements:
  • Sharing of the Highlight Profile

A new clone option within the highlight window allows you to copy the complete highlight profile in its exact state with your colleague (should also be a PatSeer user).


  • Download Keyword in Context snippets

You can now conveniently download the Keyword in Context (KWIC) data in CSV format.

  • Copying Search result numbers to the Clipboard

Based on user feedback we have added an option to swiftly copy selected record numbers to your clipboard.


6 June 2023
Completely Rebuilt Semantic Search giving vast improvements in result precision

We have completely rebuilt our AI-driven semantic search from the ground up. By leveraging the latest transformer based LLM models and training them for patent data we have been able to get massive improvements in the semantic precision (and recall too!).  

Use the semantic search form to search by text or by patent. If you have the Advanced AI package or if you are a ProX user, you can set the Context-awareness to High for better results. Note: Even with the setting at default value (Low) the results are far better than the older semantic search. Experience precise and relevant patent searches with our AI-driven semantic search.

To understand why a result scored higher, you can use the KWIC option to view snippets from the full-text of the record. Each snippet comes with a similarity score to help give you an idea of its overlap with your input text.

6 June 2023
New Invalidity and Infringement search options

When searching for similar patents from the new semantic search interface you can specify if you directly instruct the engine to conduct an invalidity or an infringement search. With this added instruction the semantic engine gives more precise results accordingly to each type of search. 

Note: Available with the Advanced AI Package or in ProX edition

6 June 2023
Semantic reranking of your Boolean query results

Sometimes you know a record that is related to the technology you are searching, but you still need to conduct a complex search to find other closely matching records. Running a similarity search can yield similar records but may not contain the exact set of terms that you want in Claims (for example). 

The new semantic rerank option allows you to reorder your Boolean search results based on their similarity to a particular record and therefore making it very easy to detect other highly relevant records from within your results. Simply select a relevant record (upto 3) and run the Rerank to view the most similar records on top. 

 Note: Available with the Advanced AI Package or in ProX edition 

6 June 2023
Share Complete Search Scripts with colleagues in your company easily

A new clone option within the search scripts window allows you to copy the complete script in its exact state with your colleague (should also be a PatSeer user).  

This allows someone to pick up directly from where you left off or reuse the queries in the script in their own way. This helps avoid entering all the queries in the same order again! 

6 June 2023
Search Patent Litigation Cases data

A new litigation search form helps you search across Patent Litigation and Opposition case data from more than 12 jurisdictions. 

You can search by plaintiff and defendant names, case number, case filing date, judge's name, jurisdiction, etc., to view the matching patent litigations or oppositions. Patent information for each case is also available and for most jurisdictions you can also view the case status. To dig deeper, you can view the patents in your search results right from there.  

Note: Available in ProX edition only 

26 May 2023
A better export link for your exports

PatSeer Export link for records has been redesigned completely and shows more information against the patent than what was previously displayed. The layout of different patent portions such as its Biblio, full-text, Family, Citations, PDF and Drawings can be customised. You can also download the PDF or view the record in its original language of publication. Your older exports with PatSeer link will also be directed to this redesigned layout.

10 March 2023
Create and setup a global AI Classifier

Now you can create and train an AI Classifier over a single taxonomy in one project and use the same to predict categories in any other project.


The enhanced AI Classifier now also supports predicting categories for any Journal/ NPL documents that you have imported within your project. Further, once the AI classifier has run on your project, you will receive an email with details such as total predicted values and a Category vs. Prediction Score table that summarizes the prediction cut-off threshold at which the records have been placed into the Category.

9 March 2023
Enable and view project data against search results

You can now view and set project metadata such as flags, ratings, comments, categories and custom fields against records appearing in your search results.

The project shortcuts feature has been enhanced to allow you to enable a project’s metadata on the search results page. Once enabled, you will be able to see the metadata values against each type of metadata for any record that is present in the project. You can further, add or modify the metadata right from the search result page itself.

8 March 2023
UI and search enhancements
  • The tabular view layout has been enhanced to provide each access to the abstract, PDF and drawings.

  • The Full view tab within the Split View now includes drawings for a particular record under the full view tab.

  • The left truncation limit per search query has been increased from 4 to 8. So, you can now use 8 left truncations (*) in your search query when searching in Command line Search or Quick search forms.
  • The similarity search field codes – SIM / SIMOF now support upto 50 records in a single query.
1 December 2022
AI Classifier

Leveraging the latest NLP models, the new AI-Classifier (included in ProX Edition only) trains on your existing taxonomy buckets and gives you category predictions on new records. This is a continuously learning tool and it keeps learning from existing and any future user-driven categorizations you do within a project. You have the flexibility to choose if you want to moderate and review the predicted categories or if you want the AI-Classifier to automatically function without need for any intervention.


28 November 2022
Charting & Analytics Enhancements
  • Multiple Color Palettes are now supported for almost all charts. You can change the color palette from the option above the chart.

  • Within ProX edition, the company insights charts show you insights against the entire patent portfolio for a company of interest. It is now possible to limit the company portfolio to a recent period of time (e.g., last 1 or 5 years)

24 November 2022
Litigation Analytics

Within Quick stats we have now added a section on Litigation analytics where you will see additional charts related to the patent litigation activity in the technology space you have searched.

The charts cover litigation trends, top plaintiffs & defendants and the most litigated patents and technology concepts.

20 November 2022
Smart Drawings

For US, EP and WO records, PatSeer will display smart tooltips over the part numbers in drawings viewer. The tooltips include the part name and related snippet from the full text mentioning the part. So, you can now review patent drawings without having to go through the text at all. Support for more countries is ongoing.

7 October 2022
Litigation details now visible on the Legal Status Timeline

The Legal Status Timeline now shows the Litigation details for a particular record. The tooltip over the litigation icon within the timeline will give you more details about the litigation and its stage.

5 October 2022
Shared User Management made easy with new UI

When sharing multiple projects with different people, after a certain period, you are likely to forget what has been shared with whom. This new management screen gives you a combined view of all your sharing by grouping it by the shared user and thereby making it easy to un-share and remove shared connections that are no longer needed.

29 September 2022
Redesigned Flags with an added Flag color

The new record flagging interface reduces the number of clicks needed to select a particular flag for your record. Further, based on user feedback we have also added a new Yellow Flag to the existing Flags.

27 September 2022
Records annotations now enabled in Split View

Within Projects, if you are accustomed to using Split View for going through the full spec against a record, you can now directly select text and annotate them from there. This capability was earlier possible only in the detailed view but is now also enabled in the split view.

23 May 2022
Introducing Subprojects

Your main project can now be divided into various sub-folders called subprojects each of which can be individually shared with different colleagues with varying permissions. The subprojects retain all the project settings from the main project and so any custom field or categories you create are automatically inherited by the subproject. More importantly the patent shares the same value across each subproject it is present in.

With the patent metadata being common across subprojects, you can now create an internal knowledge management repository in which the main project acts as a “holding global project” for all the organisational fields or settings and the individual subprojects containing the competitive intelligence data. To learn more about how to leverage subprojects, contact your support or account manager.

23 May 2022
Increased precision in Semantic Search

Fine-tune the relevancy of your results by marking up-to 3 records as Relevant or Not Relevant. This step helps get you a more precise set of results against the paragraph provided.

23 May 2022
Automate your workflows with Project Rules

Project Rules is a time-saving feature that will help you automatically apply all the metadata such as flag, rating, comments, custom fields etc. to the records that are being added to a project based on certain rules that you define.

23 May 2022
Project Summary Page – Managing projects made easier

Within the project management page, you will be able to view the entire summary of a Project created by you. From here you can track your own activity and that of the shared users. You can create and manage subprojects, set a goal to track the progress of your project, set a due date reminder and a project status.

A similar summary page is also available for a subproject.

23 May 2022
Improved Welcome Page

The welcome page now gives you a quick overview of your recent activities. In addition to searches projects and exports, you also see a summary of your recently executed alerts.

12 November 2021
Filter by Family-level queries within your Project

Ever wanted to filter your project to show only those records that have a PCT filing in the family? The new Advanced Project Search present within the top search bar makes this possible. You can easily restrict your project records by multiple types of family-level queries such as excluding single member families or families containing certain countries or families expiring within a year and more.

8 November 2021
Filters get more versatile
  • Working with categories becomes easier with an “Uncategorized” option within the categories filter.

  • The “Search within Records” filter gets a NOT option that makes it easy to sub-search for records that do not contain a matching text

4 May 2021
Global Portfolio Status *

We have now added a new chart to the quick stats that give an overview of the global patent filings related to the technology you are analysing. You can create charts for the Global Status Portfolio under the Legal status tab, this gives you an overview of the total number of patents filed in various countries and the number of patents that are legally active/ dead in the same. On mouse over you can also see the number of applications, granted and dead patents.

22 September 2020
Standard Essential Patent Search (SEP)

You can now also search for the standard essential patents and also the standard body and technologies that the patents belong to. We have also provided filters that can be used to filter your result set based on SEP / Standard Name / Standard body.

22 September 2020
Swap records

You can now swap existing number within a project with any number from its simple / extended family member or application number.

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