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Welcome to a refreshingly smarter way of working with Patent Data!

Searching through vast patent databases, sorting, filtering, comparing, analyzing, creating reports and project management has typically involved tedious processes and juggling large amounts of files. PatSeer takes the ‘tedious‘ out of the equation and brings you a fresh Web 2.0 approach to searching, analyzing, comparing, collaborating, sharing and managing patent data projects. It’s simple, smart and powerful enough to impress the pro’s. Don’t take our word for it…try it to see for yourself.

Whats New at PatSeer…..

Feb ’15 – Philippines Full-text content, German machine translations, support for NPL and more

PatSeer is pleased to announce addition of unique Philippines full-text patent data and German full-text Machine translations to its database. The new release also includes a first-in-the-patent-database-industry capability viz. support for import and analysis of Non patent Literature/ Journals in PatSeer Projects which open up new avenues for Information teams to deliver both patent and scientific content to their internal R&D teams. Read More about the new release here.

Nov-Dec’14 – Russian Full Text being added, Bulk PDF Ordering system and more

We started loading the Russian Full text collections and expect the complete backfile and front file loading to complete this month. The new release includes many new exciting capabilities such as Integrated Bulk PDF ordering via PDF cart, search enhancements that include limited truncation, special characters support and search scripting enhancements, Thumbnails in Drawings View, Full text Navigation Hit Map and many more capabilities. Read More here.

Oct’14 – US patent content enrichment, Many search enhancements

PatSeer is pleased to announce a truly unique content enrichment to US patent data viz.,  a) Expiry dates for US grants now factor Term Extensions and Disclaimers; and b) A new field that stores if the US record is a Continuation/CIP/Div has been made available for search and analysis. This months release also includes many search enhancements to family search, combining search queries and number searching. We have also launched a detailed search field reference portal. Read More here.


Family Legal Status Timeline Chart

Quick Overview

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Search through our comprehensive patent database of 92 million+ records covering more than 102+ countries (incl. 19 full text authorities) using a fully featured search interface that has all the tools needed by a professional searcher. Sort results by dates, relevance and most cited records or view them in different viewing formats designed to enable quick review and scanning of large result sets. Narrow down results with our powerful filtering options that work with ease even over 100K + results.

Create Projects

Save your results set to a project where you can rank, flag, comment on each record. Define any number of custom fields or create a hierarchical categorization to place records into. Powerful filtering technology allows you to combine all these additional fields with standard patent fields in a powerful yet intuitive interface.

Collaborate & Share

Decide who can access your projects, what their roles are and how you’d like to manage it. Collaborate on your patent data projects within your organization or external collaborators with ease. Setup multiple dashboards ( Patent Dashlets™) that include different combination of patent and custom fields and share them selectively with different users.


Leverage Normalized Assignee Names, Integrated Reassignment information and maintenance data  in your analysis. Our powerful filtering technology works over categories and custom fields and makes it easy to answer complex questions with only a few clicks of the mouse. Co-citations, Family Tree, Citation Tree and many other tools help you gain and deliver insights with ease.

PatSeer aims to redefine Patent Research, Analysis, Project Management & Collaboration

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